Um… James, wtf? (I’m back, babie).

I just went to change my profile image, and I saw this as my BIO... Hey, I'm James Patmore (not really, but shh). I'm sixteen and I like going for runs, petting cookies, eating cats, trees (pines are the best, but Elm's are pretty sweet too), and I may as well add long walks on the beach as well, seeing as this already sounds like a dating profile. Where the ladies at?! WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN AND HOW WAS I SO SMOOTH!?!? PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Elm, if you read this, I don't think I was trying to flirt, I think I was just a dumb lil boy who didn't realize that complimenting a girl and then talking about getting a girl in the same sentance wasn't the smartest idea... Can't promise though, I was a twelvie and I don't remember writing it... TY.


Feeling Butt Hurt

So I cry a lot, like I have said before and in some ways, I love that about me… It makes me feel good and makes me feel emotions in the strongest way possible. However on the other hand if I don’t cry, it can make me feel bad because “I’m not crying so I mustn't be sorry enough” which will lead to me standing in-front of the mirror trying to make myself cry… I don’t love that side to it all that much… So now I have to tell you why I’m talking about this, otherwise it’d be a pretty crappy post… This week, my sister went out and ordered a projector and xbox so she and my older brother could play on it… They also said that if I helped clean we can watch movies on it, which was the coolest idea I had probably ever heard…

The Little Engine Tag

Hey everyone! So, I'm working on some stuff at the moment not only for this blog but also some other stuff... I just need to sort it all out I guess, haha... Even so, I think I should post something, not for the sake of posting but because I feel like my blog isn't very personal... I was talking to Elm (The best person in the whole world) about the fact that I don't think people know me enough... Know one knows what makes me cry, laugh, angers me or even what my favourite things are, and although those might be argued to be private stuff, I think it's something you need to understand in order to be friends with someone... So, I am doing a Tag to start off, but there will be more in-depth things on the way (Thanks so much Elm for listening to me rambling on, you're literally so awesome!)... Yes, you do have my permission to be concerned about whats to come... He he. So, this morning I found that I was tagged by Abi (Leah), who owns the "Life as a Home-schooled Teen" blog, which is really cool. On her blog she talks about what it is like living as a home school teenager from a Christian perspective... She is literally one of my favourite blogs, so be sure to check out her blog here and her version of the post here.


Okay so I suck at friendship... I literally suck... And no, I am not looking for compliments so don't try to give them to me please! I do suck, I really really do... If you knew me on a personal level... You would most likely know this by now... I say things that I shouldn't because I forget who I'm talking to... Some people I act so chill around that I just either forget who I am talking to, or I forget who they are, or I forget what they want... I don't think about them I think about myself... I forget I'm talking for them, I talk for myself... That is not how I should make... friends. I know it sounds dumb, and it is! It is so so dumb but I just... I don't know why but it happens. I am immature... I say things that I don't mean (Not the same as above) because I don't know how to handle certain situations... When I have a joke in my head I say it... Even if I am not sure how the receiving end will... receive it... I can't give good advice... I just can't which sucks because I need advice for myself so often... So often... I don't know how to handle situations, I don't know how to cheer people up. I am either too open to some people or too closed towards others... The biggest problem? I forget... I forget to talk to my friends and I am so so sorry for that... I have had so many internet friends over the years, and I have only kept talking to a select few... I am so sorry! I stick to who/what I know and don't take time to find/explore more than that that I already know...

The Sunshine Tag…

Hello James! 🙂 So I was nominated to do this award by multiple people, but I haven't done it yet... The reason being is that I didn't want this blog to become something that I do because other people want me to. Also, the questions weren't all that serious, they were fun questions not thought provoking questions, which isn't what I want because at the end of the day, will it make me a better person? I was tagged again by UnknownGirl, and she started to ask questions differently... The questions were more thought-provoking and less the "Just-for-funsies" questions that are normally seen, so thanks Unknown for the questions! Looking back over my content no-one else who reads this blog will know a thing about me... I don't want this to just be something that I am the only benefactor who enjoys reading my posts, so I'm just go for it, haha.

“Praying in the dark for courage…” | Weekly Summary

Hello Guys, So this week-end has been really full on... It's hard to put into words how it's been, I've been scared, brave, advancing and crying a bit... Okay well a bit more than a bit... I think I'm starting to understand stuff differently, which I think is a development? But it has been kinda hard... Here's why... The main parts of my week summarised into a blog post... good name, I know! Firstly, I'm just going to take notice of something... This week we celebrated Anzac day, which is a day of commemoration for the Australian and New Zealand troops who fought in world war one.

Weekly Summary | JAJ

Hello! I know this has been a busy week for blogging, I posted a tag and now this... I know right... So busy I'm most likely annoying everyone will my blog-spamming, so sorry! 😉 I've decided to make a "Weekly Summary" every Sunday, just to recap my week (not necessarily of/about blogging!) so that I can read it in the future. So, here's my week!

The Identity Tag | Tags and Awards

Hello Again! So, I woke up this morning and started thinking... If somebody asked me who I was, what would I tell them? I’m not important, I am just a kid from Australia who writes blogs online. So, I opened my note book and asked myself some questions, and then had the idea to make my own tag, because I haven't seen anything like this, and I thought it would help me out. So without further ado: