May-hem, but in a great way!

This… This is gonna be a great month.

I woke up at like 9:00am today. I feel like there should be that satisfied “aaah” sound, but this is a blog, so alas you’ll just have to imagine it. Lemme say that again. 9. A. M.


Cot dammit I love labor day. Perfect timing too… The start of the month.

What better way to start off the next 31 days than a freaking public holiday.


For some unknown reason, wink wink, I woke up in such an amazing mood. The sun was shining, the birds where chirping, the house was quiet.

Freaking ahhhhh!

The best way to start your month!

I felt so energetic and empowered, I actually did a workout for once and that felt great! I had a nice cold shower to cool my stanky-ness off me.

Ahh – No, not yet. There’s more!

I get out of the shower. Clean, happy. All is great. Did my teeth (gonna be the sexiest gram’pa ever with my shining pearly whites). Do my hair. Chuck on some clean clothes.
Bob (me bruv) compliments my friggen hair.




This is gonna be a damn good month. Let’s make some plans/goals/quests/achievements:

1. Listen to Mr’s MacDonald (she’s not old, and she doesn’t live on a farm. Believe me, I asked.) challenge of drawing a picture a day. (This is more of an optional one. If I start to not enjoy it, I will stop.)

2. Do at least an hour of guitar a week. It’s honestly not boring or even hard, I don’t get why I haven’t done it sooner. The minimum would be more but I want to keep it realistic. Smart Goals and all that.

3. Do blogilates (my workout program, it’s the best), every day for the month of march. (Gonna be so hard! Ahhh 🙂 )

4. Enjoy the people in my family more. They’re great and I don’t let them know that enough!

5. Study every subject. I only have four. I should be able to do this. English, Easy. Maths, Ahem. Chemistry, Ahem. IPT, Easy. Let’s do this!!

6. Get into a routine of bedtime and waking up. I find it hard to get to sleep because I am so used to staying up. I need to fix that. #Unhealthy Teenager Problems.

7. Drink more water. The essence of life. (Drunk 3 bottles today! 🙂 )

8. Go on 3 runs a week.

(These don’t sound realistic but they are. I already study and go for 3 runs. Drinking water, getting into a routine, drawing and guitar will be the hardest to fit in, but other than that, all good!)

I’ll update this in about a month. (I can’t wait till I’m older and I can look back at this. It’s gonna be so cute, I swear 😉 ).

That’s all. Lovin’ this month. Lovin’ life.

This blog is too serious. I am not a serious person. I enjoy things way too much for it to be good for me, and so I’m trying to change the tone a bit.

Thanks and good bye! Time for a nice egg sandwich with avocado for lunch! HEHEHE I LOVE TODAY! I’M TEARING UP FOR REAL IT’S SO GOOD 🙂




4 thoughts on “May-hem, but in a great way!

  1. I do blogilates too!!! I’m super excited for this month’s calendar!!But i’m also scared because they’re like PIIT and PIIT is harddd. It should be fun though! I also have to figure out about specialisations this month! All the best to both of us! 😀

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  2. I do blogilates too!!! I’m super excited for this month’s workout! But I’m also scared because it’s like PIIT, and ahhhh it’s going to be so hard. I’m all game for the challenge though! All the best! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha,I really like the look of it! Sooo different compared to the previous ones. Lot of them are hating the new calendar though, and I’m just glad it’s freeeeee PIIT 😀


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