A totally serious explanation of whats been going on/where I’ve been…


It’s been a while…

It’s been, what… Two and a half months without a blog (excluding the blog posted about the amazing blogger Brookie Soars.).

The truth is, I’ve just lost my finesse!

I should probably tell you whats been going on… I could just write a rubbish/nothing post or I could actually address the elephant in the room…


Done. Mentioned. Moving on!


MMk. I have said it before, I am not a blogger who reviews or converses about other peoples content.

“Then why are you, James!”

Dude, quiet this is my blog I get to write about what ever the heck I like! Sit down and go read Elm if you want amazing deep content, gosh who do you think I am!? L?!


Season four kicks off with Sherlock foreshadowing someone dying. (Turn away now if you refused to follow the above… This is important!). Sherlock tells the story of a man trying to escape dreaded Mr. Death.

It shows that although death can be postponed, it can never be avoided.

Through out the show, John and Mary Watson relationship is tested with John almost cheating on his wife (More on that) and Mary having to flee from country to country to escape the ghosts of her past, all while Mrs Hudson, Molly and Sherlock are left to take care of Rosamund Mary Watson, their daughter.

John is approached by a lady on the bus, who gives him his phone number. After some consideration, he starts talking to her regularly, tempted to cheat on his wife. He contiues to do this until he finally texts:

I can’t keep doing this, I am not free. This won’t end well, we need to stop. I am sorry.

concurrently, an old shadow of Mary’s past returns to haunt her as AJ, one of her former colleges in their free-lance group of four agent/assassins whose initials make up their groups code word A-G-R-A, returns.

AJ, after years of being tortured for entertainment when captured in a mission gone south, picks up that an English woman betrayed the team. Assuming this to be Mary, he sets out to hunt her down and kill her.

Sherlock gets to him first and they brawl it out, winning sherlock a memory stick used as a backup in order to blackmail other members of their team. It contains all their past contacts, friends and lives; detailing all their missions, good and bad.

Sherlock plants a tracer on the device, knowing Mary will trick him and leave the country on her own to protect John and her child from the same fate, and follows her across the world. It is there that they meet up with AJ who is shot in the back by a local, not before explaining his story.

Later, it is found out that one of the english women who worked as a secretary for a lady working in Mycroft’s organization was the one who betrayed them. She was selling government secrets however was found out by a woman working for the England Embassy. To remove the threat she had her killed in the rescue mission using A-G-R-A (The one that went south).

Sherlock deduces that it was because she was jealous of everyone else, although being dumber intellectually than her, they were able to work in the field where as she had to stay at a desk. She sold the secrets for money for the thrill as well as the earnings.

After Sherlock rattles her cages by examining her and explaining everything to the t, the english woman gets jealous of Sherlock for being smarter than her and attempts to shoot him as her last act of treason.
It is then that Mary, who had tried to stop Sherlock from riling her up to no avail (her having known how unpredictable the woman was) jumps in front of the bullet a dies.

Sherlock is shunned by John who is mad at him for not keeping his oath to protect them both and John blocks him out of his life.

Sherlock then asks Mrs Hudson to say a code word if he is ever getting into a self-obsessed, cocky, excited mood to stop him for repeating the same actions that killed Mary.

Sherlock then sees a disc with the words: “MISS ME?” scrawled onto the top of it. He watches it, it’s Mary. She says the following before the show ends:

I knew that’d get your attention!
Sherlock, if you are watching this then I am most likely dead. Please, do one thing for me. Save John Watson.
Go to hell Sherlock!


Questions unanswered and things to pick up on:

It is yet to be explained what red beard is.

It hasn’t been stated whether or not Moriarty has really returned

It hasn’t been revealed what happened to the last member of A-G-R-A


Moriarty isn’t back, he has just prepared a case that will either kill Sherlock or his Moriarty’s legacy.

The last member of A-G-R-A will be the woman who John was tempted to cheat on Mary for. It makes sense, this scene was completely pointless unless becomes relevant in up coming episodes. Also, John was attracted to danger which is why he liked Mary who was an assassin. It makes sense that the woman he was attracted to was dangerous in some way.

Sherlock will have to save John from something attacking him coming up, but to do so, he will die. When he does die, John asks for him to not be dead, although this time Sherlock doesn’t return. He is actually gone.

That’s all I have figured out so far. I’ll write 3 more of these for the last 2 episodes as well as a recap. This is more so I can keep up with what’s happened so far rather than an actual read, sorry!

So far, I rate the season 5/5 stars. The new themes it’s exploring alongside the new style of filming from Sherlocks perspective is so amazingly refreshing, it makes him more human. Can’t wait to watch episode 2 tomorrow!



2 thoughts on “A totally serious explanation of whats been going on/where I’ve been…

  1. I’ve watched all 3 episodes (I don’t know where you live, but they’ve all been released over here) and LOVED THEM! I cannot believe Mary dies but she for sure gone.

    It is yet to be explained what red beard is.
    The 2nd ep is not much about Redbeard but the 3rd ep… OMG. REDBEARD ALL OVER. Hint: Dog or not.

    It hasn’t been stated whether or not Moriarty has really returned
    Gahh, I DO NOT WANT TO SPOIL. Andrew Scott returns.

    Your prediction about John and who is cheating on is not exactly correct. WHEN YOU FIND OUT, OMG!

    There is something to do with John and Sherlock and saving but I can’t tell you that, now, can I?

    I’ll leave you with this. the second episode is AWESOME. LIKE WOW.
    3rd episode- don’t get your hopes up.
    Oh and also, Sherrinford

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