Bloggers Secret Santa // Brookie Soars

Christmas Christmas Brookie!

Fact: That’s two times the Christmas than in normal seasonal greetings!

This blog post is going to have no structure because I don’t really want it to be refined or edited, so sorry if this just turns to shambles (Also I have written the intro like 10 times trying to find the best ratio of Cheesy but not too cheesy so it seems fake… I haven’t found it so really I mean it, An awesome Christmas to you ma’am!).

You are a new face among my follows, I must say; The second I was given you as my secret Santa I went to check out your blog and fell in love, although I couldn’t follow until today so I wouldn’t thrown the game away.

The first thing I saw when I looked at your blog was the name: Brookie Soars.

Brookie is such an awesome name! I love it so much, and if it weren’t for me not wanting to seem fake or mean towards you, I’d probably make some lame as Christmas Cookie joke, I mean to have a name that rhymes with cookie deserves at least a clap, doesn’t it?
(I really love it and don’t want you to think I am making fun of it! I just love food…)

In all my honesty, I truly adored your blog; It is so clean and nice and just… oddly relaxing.

Something that I personally struggle with so much in my blog is trying to show people my personality, and the way I have done so is just by being as honest about everything I think and feel, but even in your lifestyle fun blogs, your personality is to strong and refreshing it’s amazing!

You are such an honest true yet humble person and your blogs are so interesting. I love how diverse they are; it shows that you aren’t just doing it for the follows but rather because its something that you enjoy and that is just so pure it’s awesome.

My best example of this is this particular blog post of yours: [My Pet Peeves]

It’s something which has obviously been done before, but when you did it you managed to show so much of yourself through such a simple idea.

The only thing wrong with your blog I found was that it was so short, there were only 6 posts; I have read all your other ones and I now I can’t creepily stalk your blog anymore! I can’t wait for the next one.

You remind me so so so much of my sister it’s crazy. Your blog is amazing and I can not wait to see it grow!

I am sorry, I feel like I have done a crap job of this.
I don’t want to babble on and repeat myself but honestly I meant every word and this blog post really doesn’t do you justice; If you want to check out Brookie please please please do, She is amazing!

Thanks, Merry Christmas. A huge thanks to Teenella for organizing this amazing event. Thanks a heap.

God bless,



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