Summer, Holidays and productivity.

Hey guys 🙂

I genuinely miss summer right now, like no joke… I want it here NOW.
It’s my favourite season and it’s just… urgh it’s so good!

I’ve spent the last two days literally just trying to trick myself that is was summer (It has been sunny after a long… long… LONG winter ( 😦 ) ).

This included me spending at LEAST two hours making a “Summer Playlist” on Spotify which I think was pretty cool… Got all the summer classics! (Archies for the win, haha!)
and even some newer ones. As for classifying which songs were “Summer Songs” and which weren’t I just kinda pick all the happiest sounding and most “Boogy-tastic” (songs that make me wanna dance like an idiot) tunes and chucked them in this playlistttt!

Dancing Sesh’ anyone?


Oh-my-goshh I just remembered the best thing about summerrrrr!



I just so so soooo wish it was summer! The days in winter are way to short because of daylight savings and it just rains and it’s always cloudy and I live in a swamp so there is always mud (unless it’s summer) and it just… URGH SUMMER WHERE ARE YOUUUU.

Today (Wednesday) was a school holiday for the show… thing… Basically, there is this huge event that the whole state celebrates where there are rides and stalls and stuff (pree cool apparently) but yeah, I’ve never gone due to the distance we’d have to travel 19 hours, 23 minutes, not including the way back!

Like, who knew that Australia was that big?! It was literally just an island where the queen dumped all the peasanty-convicts, like whattt?!

Because today is a holiday, I have a chance to be productive and get some awesome study stuff…



  • Science revision
  • French revision
  • Maths homework
  • Maths Assessment (The finalll! Arrrgh)
  • Exercise
  • Read (duh)
  • Practice piano
  • Be productive in other ways such as talk to people more (in a positive manner), create things with my hands (arts and crafts I guess), help mum and dad and just the whole family and don’t do any shenanigans.

Sounds like a good list for this week! Let’s DO THIS THING!

I’m going to leave this here so I can actually do something today taht’s productive.

What’s your favourite season and why?

Thanks for reading I guess, although this was more just a “Journal Entry”.




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