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When I started blogging, I promised myself one, and only one, thing: this blog would be real. There would be no lies, no deception, no half-truths and little white lies – none of it. This blog would be the one place where, however bad things got, I’d be true, and honest, and really me. No […]

via Real — Consider Yourself Warned…

I’ve just read this post over on L’s blog. This is actually so disgusting, and it’s because of this that I’m going to set the record straight.

I have no grudge with people who link to their blogs on mine. I want my blog to be a safe community (It’s all about my comooni’y) where we can all come together and grow as blogger-buddies (both statistically and otherwise), which I know sounds so soppy… It is really, isn’t it? Oh crud…

But I think with this blog post, I have to set some rules to my blog.

If you link your blog, social media, posts or other web pages/contact information, I will have to delete your comment from my blog.

If you want to have any links / pathways to any of your own material, you will need to either of the following:

Collaborate – Become a collaborator on my blog by getting in contact with me (contact information on the contact page… I’ve said contact too many times now, haven’t I?!) with your blog-post ideas or you could simply leave a comment or message saying you want to collab, I don’t really mind. With this content, I will give you full credit and you can then add any other links/information you want, whether that be Social media, your website, blog post or even your blog!

Shout out – You can apply for a shoutout on my shout outs page (Coming Soon).

Again, if you get your comment removed, it really is nothing personal, just as a prevention for something like this reoccurring.




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