I’m back!


I’m back after ages of being inactive! Seriously, it’s been like two months… Like… What?! You’ve grown taller! I mean, you’re still short, but nice try! 🙂

So while I’ve been away, a couple things have happened.

I turned fifteen for one! Big achievement, I know… But it does bring me one st-age (pun intended) closer to eighteen, meaning I can go to over-age concerts…. Yesssssssss.

My birthday was greattttt, I got a stick (I’ll attach a photo soon… not right now because that would mean me having to go outside… ew…) Eventually, it will become a cherry tree but right now it looks… Witchy, I guess.

We had guests over for my birthday (My sister’s boyfriend and her hopefully-soon-to-be-inlaws!) not really for my birthday, but we feasted so much I felt so spoiled… Does that even count? Idek…
HOWEVER, Mum baked a cake for arvo tea (not celebrating my birth 😦 ) but the fat pigs all ate it before me, so I baked my own family sized cake and ate the whole thing, it was amazing!

Another thing that happened while I was gone is school. That has been about it really haha… Apart from the weekly church attending and going to the football every chance I get, I haven’t really done much except do school work and muck around at home, but that’s boring to hear about so I won’t go into that, really.

But now I’m back, and you’ll have noticed something different (I hope).


I’ve completely gone all out and recreated my blog! You can still access the old material if you like, but it wasn’t me.

I read all the posts and it’s just so… cringyyyyy, which is partly the reason I don’t want anyone in my family reading my blog.

It feels like a kid who hasn’t really been blogging for that long trying to act all mature and formal like and just… urghhhh…. It’s not who I am, from the old material to the old website it’s just… ew.

So I’ve completely redone everything, but this time, I am going to enjoy myself and be as James Patmore as I can be, and just… have fun with it I guess!

Soooooo…. Welcome back, I hope you enjoy the new style of writing and just… the style of my web page in general!

Thanks for reading,


P.s. I’m not going to announce my new blog on my old page because the old followers followed me for my old content. I don’t want them coming here and realising I’ve changed to something that they don’t like. If they like my new style, they’d be following the tags that I am putting on my new one, meaning that they’d still be able to find me… Nothing personal!



5 thoughts on “I’m back!

  1. Wassup James! (sorry, it kind of only works if you say it out loud. I type like I talk) Glad to see you back! Also happy late late late late late x100 birthday!!!


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