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I know this has been a busy week for blogging, I posted a tag and now this… I know right… So busy I’m most likely annoying everyone will my blog-spamming, so sorry! 😉

I’ve decided to make a “Weekly Summary” every Sunday, just to recap my week (not necessarily of/about blogging!) so that I can read it in the future.

So, here’s my week!

Monday was a school day (obviously) so I spent most of that in class, but after that was over I made something! 😀

Hot Air Balloon – Taken at 6am on a Sunday Morning!

(Sorry, the lighting at 6 o’clock in the morning is shocking… Who knew?!) It took me four hours, and a very frustrating four hours at that! I’m not too happy with the results, there are a few things I’d change, but now that I’ve realised that, it’ll be easier for me to make some more… It’s a hot air balloon by the way…

That seriously took up Monday evening, so I didn’t do any homework… Hehe…

On Tuesday, I had school. Again. In school we had a science assessment about an experiment (I say experiment… I didn’t even do it (enrolled late, long story) and I still got an A on the report… The teacher flipping used mine as an example… Like, what?!

After that we got tickets to the AFL (Australian Football League) for Friday night, which was cool, did a bit of photography here and there… Did some maths homework (not enough though! Just the way I like it 😉 ) Wrote a short story for English (One of the many I have to do :/ )…
Then I went to bed early, but I didn’t sleep because in-case you didn’t realise, I didn’t do any exercise so I had so much energy, I felt like I could run a flipping marathon or something…

On Wednesday, I had school. Agaaaain 😦 . I had to talk about drugs, alcohol and smoking… That was a bit of a three in one combo, haha. I also had to play ‘ping-pong’ for PE… How is that PE!?
For French, I had to go on Language Perfect, which is basically flash-cards integrated onto a website so the teacher can see you stuffing up. A little more maths here and there, why not?

When school was over, I went for a run, but a very short one because it was too soon after lunch that I felt kinda sick… Shhh…
Then I got home, did a work out using FitnessBlender, then complained all day about my muscles being an actual bonfire… You know… but now they’re like a mountain they’re so big!
Okay it’s a MINISCULE mountain, but it’s something!

I then had dinner, went to bed… Fell asleep pretty much as soon as I lay down… That’s about it, haha.

On Thursday,  I had school… again! I’m actually about to cry it’s so long! ;(
School was pretty much just tutorial lessons, ask questions, show homework, that kinda thing.

When I got back,
I started writing daily-journals, so there is that.

Journal Day 1 – Thoughts and Daily Tasks

They’re not that long, they’re just a quick short description of how I’m feeling, what I’m thinking about and what I have to get done… Yeah it was basically: Go for a run, do homework, clean room and write a blog post…

The only thing I did was write a blog post (which took me… two hours (?)), so props to me for productivity on the first fricken day :/

On Friday, I had my last day of school for the week. That was just tutorials again, except science was more experiment documenting…

After school, I didn’t have time to write a blog or even make a daily journal, because I had to get ready for the AFL to watch my team play.

We had to go early to get the best seats, took us two hours to get there and then another two hours waiting for the game to start!

It was a crazy game, every time we scored, they’d score, until in the end they fricken cheated to win!

So we left in a bit of a grumble… but I was busting… Like I really really realllllyy needed to pee… But we had to leave right then and there…

We walked past a train station and I was literally so relieved, until I heard that we weren’t going in there. Just so you know, by this time it hurt to walk

I felt both like throwing up and exploding, my bladder actually crying, it’s contents dying to escape… I mean, I swear I could hear my bladder just going: “Hey, James… I love you and all, but I think it’s time we saw other people…”

We hoped onto a tram that was so squishy you couldn’t even move. I was literally feeling like I was about to both faint and throw up and pee, and I was like dying… Every fricken bump, the urine would be biting me, it was coming out whether I wanted them to or not!

I bend over to whisper in my sisters ear for a bottle… Yes that’s right… A bottle.
When suddenly the tram stops and I fall over… Onto some guys lap… He shoves me off and pushes me into my sister, who then bangs into everyone else… I thought the tram-ride’s bumps were bad, this one felt like I was being stabbed.

I kinda shuffled my way to the  train station, and then got to the bathrooms! I was saved!
But then I saw the MASSIVE line up for the urinal (A wall which guys go to…).

I look around me, the only stall that’s free is “OUT OF SERVICE. JAMES, YOU”RE GOING TO HAVE TO DIE.”

I went to the Out of service…


When I peed, it actually HURT, but after that, it was instant relief.

So, at the end of the day, I didn’t wet my pants and Oh! I got to freaking HOLD the ball that was kicked through goal! My sister caught it and gave it to me! 😀

We got back at around 1am, went to bed and slept.

On Saturday, I did my ‘Saturday Chore cards’… I had to sweep and clean the hallways…
I also got myself a little more organised in my bedroom, my shelving sorted, a calender, posters, due-dates check list…

Sunday, I took this amazing photo this morning (I’ve recently gotten into photography):


Really, for six o’clock in the morning, that’s beautiful! And to think everyone would miss it if they slept in! 😦

Today I go to church, do the sound desk, come home, do maths, play outside, go for a run, do a work out (it’s ‘ab’ day ;(  I’m going to DIE!).

Week Finished.

So what have I learnt this week?
I learnt to always go to the toilet BEFORE you get on the tram!

Good lesson, I know!

Thanks for reading, I hope that was slightly entertaining for you guys, but that’s not really why I wrote it!

God bless you all,

~James Patmore


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