The Little Engine Tag

Hey everyone!

So, I’m working on some stuff at the moment not only for this blog but also some other stuff… I just need to sort it all out I guess, haha…

Even so, I think I should post something, not for the sake of posting but because I feel like my blog isn’t very personal…

I was talking to Elm (The best person in the whole world) about the fact that I don’t think people know me enough… Know one knows what makes me cry, laugh, angers me or even what my favourite things are, and although those might be argued to be private stuff, I think it’s something you need to understand in order to be friends with someone…

So, I am doing a Tag to start off, but there will be more in-depth things on the way (Thanks so much Elm for listening to me rambling on, you’re literally so awesome!)… Yes, you do have my permission to be concerned about whats to come… He he.

So,  this morning I found that I was tagged by Abi (Leah), who owns the “Life as a Home-schooled Teen” blog, which is really cool. On her blog she talks about what it is like living as a home school teenager from a Christian perspective… She is literally one of my favourite blogs, so be sure to check out her blog here and her version of the post here.

The Rules:

  • Each answer you give to a question has to be more than two sentences long. Or at the very least, you have to make those two sentences meaningful.
  • There will be two bonus questions at the end, that the blogger gets to change to whatever they want to ask when they nominate someone else. The first six questions, however, are set in stone.
  • At the end you must nominate three to five other bloggers. Okay, so you don’t have to, but that would be nice if you could. (I want my blog name to spread on for all of eternity.)
  • You know how sometimes in quiet classrooms, there will be that one guy clicking his pen fifty times a second, and it’s annoying to everyone else? Yeah, don’t be that guy. This doesn’t apply to this tag so much, but more to life in general.

Questions And Answers

  1. What’s one of your biggest pet peeves? I don’t have many pet peeves, as I am normally pretty chill (I think), but one of them has to be when people argue. To be more specific, when people argue for the sake of arguing. They are angry, but when they find that there is no reason to be angry anymore, but choose to continue arguing because they don’t have enough respect to the other person to admit that they were wrong. In case you haven’t realised I am talking about myself here, I do this all the time and I hate it. I literally will myself to say that I was wrong, to get the guts to admit that I was over reacting but I don’t… Ever…
  2. What is your favourite song at the moment? My favourite song is ‘Sail’ by AWOLNATION. I love the roughness of his voice, the soundtrack, the themes… everything! It is a really awesome song, however I wouldn’t suggest his other tracks as they can be a little inappropriate… Okay a lot, but that’s cool… Each to his own.
  3. Who is your favourite blogger? This question is a shocker! I literally love so many blogs and the people behind them… How do I choose? If it is the person behind the blog that is impossible for me to judge. I can’t say which of my friends is the most… friends… With me (sentences… Am I right? Who needs them!). However, if it was blogs I would have to choose Elm from “Just call me Elm or something”.
    From her style of writing, to what she posts about, to how she posts and even what tone they are I love it! So yeah, Elm all the way.
  4. What’s the nicest thing you’ve seen someone do recently? The nicest thing that I have seen someone do recently would probably have to be when my dad made breakfast for my sister and her boyfriend… He made them these strawberry-yogurt and muesli spirals in a cup and stuff… That was pretty nice…It was totally out of the blue too… Props to you dad!
  5. What’s something you regret doing? Where do I start… I mean I can literally write a book that would have maybe… Half of the things I regret in it! If someone made a movie of my life, no one would watch it… One of the many many many things that I regret doing is when I found a little website that was quite… Not the christian kinda website that I should’ve gone on… And that’s okay, like Christians can stuff up and stuff, but I would be so happy if that little episode can be deleted from my life… And burned in a pool of lava…
  6. If you could take only three items with you to a desert island, what would they be, and why? I would bring my best friend who I met online and have been talking to for ages and stuff, I would bring my family because I couldn’t survive without them and lastly I would bring my pencil case that has my sketch pad, bible and pencils in it…
    Can’t live without those! Then I could write and/or draw us to some place different… Create our own Utopia… Who knows were we will end up!
  7. Explain the meaning behind your blog title. Just Another James is my currently blog title, and the reason I chose it was because I wanted to stand out… No one knew me, knew my name, knew what I believed and I wasn’t going to change the world… I was just a boy called (not really but back then this is how I saw it) James… James being such a common name I was saying that I am just another James out of the sea of other boys with that name, in an ocean of billions of people… I was simply a head in a huge crowd, trying to stand out.
  8. What is one memory that makes you smile? The one memory that makes me smile… I can’t think of any, not because I have had a miserable child-hood, but because there are too many! I don’t just have one memory, I have thousands… One would have to be when we were doing this play in-front of the whole of church and it was a huge flop but I still stuck to it and I didn’t just quit and run off crying… Everyone knew it was bad and could see we were struggling, but instead of hiding their faces, they clapped…

And so that was the tag, however I still have to nominate some people… Hmm, who is going to be the lucky duck today!? 😉

I nominate:

Unknown Girl from Unknown Girl 369

Little Blog from Little Teens Blog

Bella from Whimsical Rambles

Just a Blank Space from Blog filled with thoughts

Nostalgia (Zimi) from The Insights of a Tranquil Teen

Good Luck Guys!

ONE last thing… Your last two questions (Questions 7 and 8) have been changed to:

7. What makes you, you? If someone asked you who you were, what would you tell them?
8. What is your thing? What is it that you do that makes you stand out?

Okay have fun, and thanks again to Abi for the nomination!

Now go change the world! It isn’t impossible! People a crowd followers… If enough people stand out to make the world change, others will follow…

Have an awesome week guys!



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