I am too weak to fight these strings

The vicious pull of asking torment

The Whispers of something I should do

That say that this is what I should commit


Cut these dark thick strings of mine

Before they can take grip

Please don’t let them mimic me

Or mask as my hearts desire


I am not strong enough to fight these strings

Not able to resist them

Their oppressive wanting pleading me

Telling me to do this

The temptation planted deep inside

In my mind it resides

Masquerading my hearts wanting

Copying my minds desires.


The strings inside my head are pulled

Triggering the manipulating screams

That I can’t fight it, this is what I want

It’s echoes ring down and down

I just can’t stop, this is what I like,

This is my heart’s desire.


The strings have changed direction now,

Their savaged thirst quenched

It is easier for me to give in, rather than repel

My heart has found a different tune

A song to excuse to escape accusation

But deep inside I trap my screams of sorrowful condemnation

Stop it now, these strings of mine

I must cut them short, end it all this time

It’s time to stop this disgusting behaviour

I hate this deep dark wanting of mine.


The strings have once again swayed

By now the desires deceased

Their friendly nagging has finally turned

The voices now find guilt

disgusting, disgraceful, an utter repulse

It was my choice, it’s all my fault, the mimicking torments


Left alone with this violent yank

The voice is now my own

This scolding burning dirt inside
I did this, I chose this
I doubt I could forgive
A simple puppet left to his guilt is all I have become

But I am me, and me I am

And I am an enemy I can beat.

I will not be blamed for these deeds I’ve done

I am free and clean

The strings can not control me no more

Until my puppeteer thirsts again.


I know this isn’t perfect and it’s probably too dark.

But this is something I think I needed to get out, at least somewhere.

Don’t judge too much!


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