If I was an arrow, what would I hit?

Would I kill the beast or fall short

Would the string be pulled to guide me straight?

Or would I break in the fall.


If I was a tree where would I stand?

My supports the ground, yet it’s all just sand

My roots grow down to try and keep

Me from falling, into the deep


If I was a song, would I be sung, If I was a story would I be read?

If I follow the line the world chose for me, would I be truly safe and free?

Or when I have my dying breath, would all I trust be for nought


On this earth, I now stand

My path I must choose

The guide I pick will either lead me home

Or torment me when I’m in the deep      


If I was a rose, would I be proud

My colours glowing my petals open

Or would I whither and fade away

To join the litter on the ground.


If I was a cloud,

where would I go

would I cause rain, cause the snow 

Or in the pushing winds float far away

Until at last I fade


By myself I am weak,

I have no strength inside of me

Strength in the lord keeps me going

He’s my bowman, he’s my roots

If I was a rose, I’d chose to open

Displaying his colours for the world to see.


Okay so this one is very personal to me, I’m not sure if you can get anything out of it,

But I thought I’d share it anyway, and hope that you could.

  • Real Blog Post coming later this week!



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