Hello again!

So the other day I posted my introduction, just a brief explanation of who I was and what I hoped to achieve on this blog.

After re-reading and thinking about what I posted, I’m not sure I explained everything to it’s fullest, in fact it was a cute introduction, but it held no weight, and if the scales have anything to show, I love holding weight, Haha… So I am going to be explaining myself a little more.

-+-+-Why did I start this blog?-+-+-

When I hear that question, I hear a few words. Legacy, Pride, Entertainment, Escape. But the main one? Education. Through this blog I would like to learn about myself, learn what’s unique to James, learn how I think, how that’s different to other people. I would also like to learn something about myself in each post, and I would like to share that growth with you guys and I’d challenge you guys to do the same.

No one is the same as another person. It’s working out how/why that helps us grow into Who we ought to be.

You’re probably asking yourself at this stage “Does he honestly think he’s smart for coming up with that one?!”

The answer, Yes. Yes I do ☺

-+-+-How regular can you expect posts?-+-+-

You can expect at a minimum of one post per week, two-three on a good week. These will range from thoughts I’ve been having, something I’ve learnt, Something that’s happened, Something I’m proud of, Something I like and Something I hope to do. I would not like these to be about myself, I hope to include something to encourage/help other people.

-+-+-What age group is this blog appealing to?-+-+-

I hope not to exclude anyone from my blog, but I will be writing about very serious things and they might be quite intense.
So, to answer that question further, around the age of 14-16. Any age younger and you’re being introduced to this stuff way to early, any older and you most likely will know everything I will be talking about.

I would like to include you guys as much as possible and I hope to learn from you as much as you learn about/with me.

If you would like any stories, poems, lessons that life has taught you either in good/bad lighting ect, you can email me here:


I will not share any information/any written statements or the likes as they would most likely be private. A story is special as long the owner is the one that shares it.
Thanks for reading, I hope that cleared things up a little bit more for you.

God bless you all!


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