Hello!  So, you’ve found my little blog, Just Another James!
So you’ve already read the title, but I’m James Patmore. Know that that is not my birth name, that’s just my blogging identity.

Some information about me? Well, I’m a fifteen-year-old kiddo who just so happens to live in such a big swamp that even Shrek would be jealous. The mud hole is located in the south-eastern Australian state of Victoria.
I like reading, gaming, writing, music, going for runs/other cardio workouts, and being bald (do you need the context? Hmm… I don’t know).

This blog is a Public record of my thoughts, feelings, actions and… brain… However, I hope you are able to at least learn something valuable from this blog, or just enjoy reading me mess up my entire life… Either way, all good!

My Blogs main focus points are:

  • Self Improvement and Understanding
  • Positive Thinking
  • Stories/Poems/Writing…stuff
  • Web Journalling

I will be posting fairly frequently, although I’ve decided not to set myself a schedule because I write when I want to/need to.

This blog is basically just one big… mess of everything to do with me, so if it doesn’t get any attention that’s understandableeeee.

If you have any questions for me or just want to chat, you can contact me through the information below or just go to my contact page.

Email: james.h.patmore@gmail.com
Skype: JamesHSPatmore

If you have any questions/need help with anything, just talk to me and I’d be more than glad to help you!

Wishing  you an awesome day,

~James H.S Patmore