I was reading through my blog and I realized I have nearly been doing this for two years; That's nearly veteran status! I have stopped, started, rebranded and repeated for almost two years now. I couldn't figure out why I kept taking breaks from it until I was watched a Sara Dietschy (rhymes with peachy) vlog and it hit me. I rummaged through all my old blog posts and there it was, staring at me. The big, bold, capitalised question; WHERE IS ALL THE PERSONALITY?!

OP Shop Haul (Summer Haul)

Hey. This one isn't really for me to look back on so I guess this post is for any audience I get (IDK but admitting this makes me cringe quite a lot). So, I went to the Op shop today, and for those of you living outside of Australia, an Op shop (also called opportunity store) is a foundation or organization that runs a clothing store but pays its employers using discounts rather than money (either that or it is just volunteering), and the clothes are old hand-me-downs or otherwise unwanted clothing items that people throw

I do school a little differently than you… I think?

I didn't share my experiences with school as I know it as I was scared people would judge or find my location... I don't even do homeschooling and yet I feel bad just because the platform I use to expand my understanding and practice my academical skills is different than most people's broken form of schooling, even though they share the same education system. Seems fair, doesn't it? 

Um… James, wtf? (I’m back, babie).

I just went to change my profile image, and I saw this as my BIO... Hey, I'm James Patmore (not really, but shh). I'm sixteen and I like going for runs, petting cookies, eating cats, trees (pines are the best, but Elm's are pretty sweet too), and I may as well add long walks on the beach as well, seeing as this already sounds like a dating profile. Where the ladies at?! WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN AND HOW WAS I SO SMOOTH!?!? PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Elm, if you read this, I don't think I was trying to flirt, I think I was just a dumb lil boy who didn't realize that complimenting a girl and then talking about getting a girl in the same sentance wasn't the smartest idea... Can't promise though, I was a twelvie and I don't remember writing it... TY.